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Choosing the Right Material for Your Motorcycle Gloves: Leather vs. Textile

Choosing the Right Material for Your Motorcycle Gloves: Leather vs. Textile

Choosing a pair of gloves might take you on a ride even before you start the actual one. Let's look at some crucial variables you have to consider...

Picture this; you are on a ride to one of your favourite destinations and as the bike pulls out of the parking, you feel the surge of excitement and nervous energy all at the same time. The rhythmic wring of your bike against the tarmac accompanies your thoughts, each of it taking you closer to your dream destination.

Looking out of your peripheral view, the familiar scenery gradually transforms into an unknown landscape. And while the anticipation grows with every passing mile, you approach a coastline where a salty breeze sweeps through you, carrying with it the unmistakable scent of the sea. Each moment, bringing you closer to the place you had always dreamt of visiting. And the closer you get, your heart races to catch a glimpse of distant cliffs and sparkling water.

Finally, the bike reaches the destination and it’s the beginning of an adventure you had envisioned for so long; but with a numb pair of hands, let alone safety since hands are the first point of contact a rider consciously uses in case of an accident.

Like the right mindset may take you places, choosing the wrong pair of gloves may make a dream destination feel like a failure. Don’t know what to do?

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Let’s start with types and head to the factors to be considered while buying a pair of gloves.

Leather Motorcycle Gloves:

Leather gloves are highly esteemed for their durability and ability to withstand abrasion, qualities that are particularly attractive to riders who prioritise protective equipment.

Leather provides outstanding defense against abrasions, cuts and impact, making it ideal for high-speed riding and during accidents. While they may feel somewhat rigid initially compared to textile gloves, leather gloves gradually conform to the shape of your hands over time, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Additionally, leather gloves offer effective protection against wind and moderate weather. Some leather glove designs incorporate perforations or ventilation to enhance airflow, although they may not be as breathable as textile gloves in warm weather conditions.

Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the quality of leather gloves. It's important to clean and condition them regularly to maintain their durability and appearance.

Textile Motorcycle Gloves:

Textile gloves are often lighter and more flexible than leather gloves, offering increased versatility in various riding conditions. They usually offer better airflow compared to leather gloves, making them well-suited for riding in hot weather. Moreover, they often provide enhanced waterproofing to keep your hands dry in wet conditions.

Textile gloves typically offer a softer and more pliable feel right from the start, requiring less time to break in compared to leather gloves. While textile gloves, especially those made with advanced materials like Kevlar or reinforced padding, can offer adequate protection, they may not match the abrasion resistance provided by leather gloves.

Textile gloves are generally easier to maintain compared to leather gloves. They can often be cleaned in a washing machine, which is convenient for riders looking for gear that requires minimal upkeep.

Crucial factors to consider:

Think about your riding preferences and the degree of protection required. For aggressive or high-speed riding, leather gloves can provide superior protection. If you encounter diverse weather conditions during your rides, textile gloves could be a better fit, because they are more versatile and comfortable, particularly in hot or wet conditions.

While leather gloves typically have a higher initial cost, they often boast better durability over time. Textile gloves, on the other hand, are usually more budget-friendly but may require more frequent replacement. In the end, opt for gloves that fit properly and feel comfortable. A snug fit is essential for both comfort and safety while riding.

Hence, while both have their advantages and drawbacks, it also depends majorly on your riding needs, preferences and budget. You can take your pick from Reisemoto, the one-stop shop for everything biking.


- Vishal Joshi , Expert Motorcyclist & Blogger

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